Image15Workout for: 10-20-2014
Music: John Fogerty, ZZ Top

Today is all about mobility and using the body as a gym.
Anyone can do this stuff. Maybe not as many reps or the length of time in the gym but all the movements can be done. No one doing this is a gymnast or professional athlete. It’s just a matter of “doing”.

And don’t think just because it was an all bodyweight workout that it was easy.
It wasn’t!Image1

First: Movement Session One

Inchworms Forward
Inchworms Backward
Long Lunges
Short Lunges
Long Lunge, Lean Back
Long Lunge, Lean Back, Twist
Long Lunge, Lean Back, Twist, Tap footImage6

Second: Movement Session Two

Push Up Walk Forward
Push Up Walk Backward
Push Up Walk Sideways

Short Lunge, Lean Back
Short Lunge, Lean Back, Twist
Short Lunge, Lean Back, Twist, Tap footImage13

Crab Walk Forward
Crab Walk Backward
Crab Walk Sideways

Third: Movement Session Three

Jump Up, Jump Out
Jump Up, Jump Sideways
Jump Up, Jump BackImage19

Side Lunge

Fourth: Movement Session Four



Fifth: Movement Session Five


Bridges 100
Leg Raises 100
Supine Cross Foot to Hand 10
Prone Cross Foot to Hand 10Image30

Sixth: Movement Session Six

Get Off The Floor

On Back, Roll Right, Get Up
On Back, Roll Left, Get Up
On Back, Get Up Forward



Image15Workout for 10/15/2014

Music: Variety of Stuff

T-Shirt: GI Bro

Decided to go with a “warm up” today and picked the agility ladder. We haven’t done it in awhile so I figured “Why not?”

After that it was all abs…Image4

Again I figured “Why not?”

First: Agility Ladder Drills

A bunch of different drills.

For the legs and upper body.
Second: Ab CircuitImage6

11 Stations, 3 Times
10 Reps, 5 Reps on Rollouts
15 Reps, 10 Reps on Rollouts
20 Reps, 15 Reps on Rollouts

Big Wheel Rollout
Small Wheel Rollout
Incline Sit Ups With BallImage18
Incline Leg Raises
Flat Leg Raises
Sit Up Crunch Seat Ball Overhead
Swiss Ball Crunch
Leg Raises To Bar
Band Crunches
Barbell Rollouts
Another Flat Leg Raises

Third: Medicine Ball Ab StuffImage29

11 Medicine Balls
6 – 20 Pounds

Sit Up Twists 3 Reps Each Ball
Leg Raises Ball Behind Head 10 Reps Each Ball
Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead 10 Reps Each Ball
Supine Ball To Feet 10 Reps Each Ball
Seated Leg Raises Ball In One Hand Overhead 10 Reps Each Ball
Seated Ball Figure 8s 3 Reps Each Ball
Crunches Ball In One Hand 10 Reps Each Ball

Image9Workout for: 10 13 2014.
Music: Van Morrison
T-Shirt: got porche

Got a bit sore from the all Core/Abs/Midsection workout a couple of days ago.
Not too bad, but I know I did something!
So why not do some more?
Well, maybe not 2,600 reps.
So today is all about Abs and Arms.Image11

The Arm and Abs Circuit Workout:

We did the same circuit but different rep schemes.
First go round: 10 Reps
Second Time: 15 Reps
Third Stage: 20 Reps
Fourth Phase: 15 Reps
Fifth Dimension: 10 RepsImage16

Time was running out. I was thinking about cooling it all the way down to 5 reps. I brought it up. No one really wanted to do only five. Folks said: “12”. Some said: “At least 10.” Heck I was proud!! And we ended up doing 18 reps

Sixth Interval: 18 Reps

Lying Triceps ExtImage8
Sit Ups
DB Curls
Leg Raises
DB Triceps Extension
Incline Leg Raises
T-Band Push Downs
Sit Up Bench w/Medicine Ball
BB Curls
Seated Leg Raises on ChairImage4

Bench Dips
Roman Chair
BB Full Squat Curls
Seated Lemon Squeezers On Chair


Image9Workout for 10-11-2014
Music: Van Morrison
T-Shirt: Popeye

Hmmm…wasn’t sure what to tackle today.
So why not an all Core/Abs/Midsection workout?!
Works for me. Wasn’t sure how tough it would be.

Turned out it was!
May have to go for more reps next time though!Image1

First And Only:

19 Exercises, 100 Reps Each, 2600 Total Reps

You read that correctly!

2600 Reps…may have to shoot for 3000 next time!

Leg Raises
Seated Leg Raises
Side Hip Ups (100 Each Side)
Lemon Squeezers
Prone Leg Lifts
Prone Upper Body Lifts
Crunches Hand to Knees
Supine Side Crunches (100 Each Side)
Prone Arm/Leg RaisesImage20
Fingers To Toes Crunches
Prone Opposite Arm/Leg Raises (100 Each Side)
Knees To Elbows
Opposite Foot To Hand (100 Each Side)
Side Lying Side Crunches (100 Each Side)
All 4s Opposite Leg/Arm Raises (100 Each Side)
Side Leg Raises (100 Each Side)


Image8Workout for 10-6-2014
Music: George Thorogood
T-Shirt: Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

Just a bit of a different conditioning type of workout.
The whole body gets involved with this.
Kinda like playing around as a kid.
Movement all over the place.

Perhaps the best thing is getting on the floor and getting back up again.
You gotta be able to get off the floor. Image4
And this was just practice!

Medicine Ball Circuit
13 Balls, 6 – 20 pounds

First Time Around:

Squats Ball Overhead All Balls 10 Reps
Crunches 10 Reps Between Each BallImage9
Pushups On Ball All Balls 5 Reps
Crunches 10 Reps Between Each Ball
Ball Slams All Balls 3 Reps
10 Reps Between Each Ball

Second Time Around:

Squats Ball In Front All Balls 10 Reps
Leg Raises 10 Reps Between Each BallImage16
Pushups Feet On Ball All Balls 3 Reps
Leg Raises 10 Reps Between Each Ball
Jumping Ball Slams All Balls 3 Reps
Leg Raises 10 Reps Between Each Ball

Third Time Around:

Running out of time so just had to squeeze something in.

On Each of the 13 BallsImage18

Squats Ball Overhead 2 Reps
Squats Ball In Front 2 Reps
Burpee/Pushup On Ball 1 Rep
Seated Leg Raises Between Each Ball 10 Reps



Image22Music: Molly Hatchet
T-Shirt: I Love Helen

All bodyweight today.
A bunch of squat variations.
A bunch of pushup variations.
And some core/ab stuff thrown in just for the heck of it.
Simple, effective. Hits pretty much the whole body.

No fancy equipment needed.Image1
Just your body…a chair…

And the decision to do something.

First: Squat Variations

20 Reps of Squats followed by:
20 seated leg raises after each squat variation.

Feet Together
Feet Crossed Over (Both Sides)
Toes In
Toes Out, Heel Together
Wide With Toes To Side
Wide Toes Straight Ahead Touch Floor
Cossack (Both Sides)
1 Leg (Both Sides)Image12
Right Foot In Front
Left Foot In Front
Jumping Squat
Jumping And Twist
One Foot In Front of the Other (Both Sides)
Chair Lunge (Both Sides)
Chair Lunge Jump (Both Sides)
Fingers to Floor, Butt to Ceiling
Rock BottomImage16
Hands Slide Over Legs To Feet, Butt Up, And Back Again
Both Feet Facing Left
Both Feet Facing Right

Second: Pushup Variations

10 Reps of Pushups followed by:
20 Crunches after each pushup variation.

Hands at Waist
Walk Out
Left Hand Forward
Right Hand Forward
Hands Over HeadImage28
Right Arm Out to Side
Left Arm Out to Side
Left Hand Over Head, Right Arm at Waist
Right Hand Over Head, Left Arm at Waist

Yep…that was enough!!



Image32Workout for 9/29/2014

T-Shirt: Because I’m Bill That’s Why
Music: The Offspring

And now for something different…
Of course “different” is the norm for us.

We’ve done circuit training before. I mean…who hasn’t?
We’ve done the circuits for time…15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 seconds per station.
We’ve done the circuits for reps…5, 10, 15, 20, 25 per station.

Enter 100.Image5
We’ve done 100 reps before. So nothing new here.
What is new is doing 100 reps at each station during the circuit!

It was tough. Some stations were harder than others.

First: The Circuit

100 Reps, 11 ExercisesImage2

Bodyweight Chair Squat
DB Curls
Incline DB Press
Chair Bridges
T-Band Pushdowns
BB Curls
Band Pulldowns
Incline Sit UpsImage18
Incline Leg Raises
Bench Dips
Push Ups Feet on Chair

Second: Same Circuit

“Only” did 25 Reps at each station.
25 used to be a high number but compared to 100 this was a breeze.
Everyone sailed through this one.

It’s all about the challenge and the adventure through “fun” stuff like this!