Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just getting started with a new blog. A freind of mine wanted some exercise tips. This is just the beginning. Why is it called “Jonesercise”? Well why not? I really couldn’t think of a cool marketing ploy.

Essentially it’s just all plain hard work. If you want results at anything you gotta do 2 things…work smart and work hard!i

So Floyd…this is for you first…and perhaps others later…enjoy.


  1. static at all.. says:

    Wow Bill! Thanks for putting me in the intro to your new Blog! Ok, I’ll start tomorrow. Just one question, what is a burpee?


  2. Bill Jones says:

    Check out the video…you’ll see Randy doing a few. They are also called squat thrusts and sometimes called grass drills…they suck…we once did 100 in the early summer sun…wasn’t a good time!

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