Halloween Morning Workout Session

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, Medicine Balls, Uncategorized
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eternal_exercise8:30…Saturday morning 11 people showed up for a Jonesercise Training session. What are we “training” for? Life! You may have found by now that the training sessions are different every single time. We alway incorporate dynamic flexibility, some balance, some power, some strength, some core…some of everything. Definitely not the “body part” exercise regimes. We primarily train movements.

Below I describe the workout. You should refer to the video to get some components correct.

Warm Up

5 exercises: Body Weight Squats, Push ups, Leg Raises, Burpees (Squat Thrusts), Toe Hops. 10 sets of 10 reps.

Workout Part 1: Ball Drill.

For this you get in an “athletic position” with a medicine ball squeezed between your hands. You quickly twist your hips to the right while pushing the ball up and then repeat to the other side. You then jump with the ball overhead and SLAM it into the floor as hard as you can. Just dropping the ball to the ground does nothing but get you bad looks from other people actually SLAMMING the ball!! We did 11 balls: 2-12s, 2-10s, 2-8s, 2-6s, 2-4s and one real old school leather one that doesn’t bounce. We did 3 reps at each ball for 2 cycles. No rest.

Workout Part 2: 11 Station Circuit. Maximum Reps, 30 seconds at each station, 2 cycles. No rest.

1. Plate raise 2. Parallete Pushups 3. Sloshpipe Overhead Squat 4. Weighted Bridge 5. Gold Theraband Tricep 6. Lying Pull ups with Tennis balls over the bar 7. Bench Butt Bridge 8. Straight Leg Pullin with pushup on slide board 9. Cross Hand to Foot Pushup 10. Get up Sit up 11. Gold Theraband Upright Rows

Core Stuff

I’m sure you noticed that we do some core exercises during different parts of the workout but we always end the day with a more concentrated effort.  On Halloween we did 25 crunches, side situps and up the middle 25 each side and the middle, seated flutter kicks 25 each side, 25 lemon squeezers, 25 seated leg raises, 25 seated alternate hand to foot, Plank for 1 minute, One leg plank 30 second each side, One arm plank 30 seconds each side, Side plank 30 seconds each side, 25 reverse crunch knees to elbows, and finally 25 V-Situps.

That’s about it. Hope you enjoy the show. Ask questions if you’d like.

  1. Bill

    Nice to see you still have it. I am really glad to know you got 40 lbs off Randy. I would have not recognized him after all this time with that much weight on considering how much he used to work out in college. He was the leanest of all of us. I will check out your blog on a regular basis. Best of luck.


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