teamworkHey how about that for a title? Why because it was a pretty intense workout for 7 of us. Chris came by to say he just finished his haircut. Is that an excuse?

The filming was a little different this time. We still had the “instructional” part but we added part of the live workout as well. Heck I may have to get someone else just to film us. That would really make it more “real”…you know with sweat dripping…screams of agony…probably some complaining…and a little laughter.

This is the workout for 11/4/09.

Warm up: Inchworms for 25 yards followed by Spiderman crawls for another 25 yards. Great warmup although some people think it would suffice for an entire workout!! The inchworms are great for a dynamic hamstring and calf stretch. Got to thank another great physical therapist: Melanie for showing me the Inchworm. The pushup during the inchworm…well it’s good for core, chest, shoulders, triceps. The Spiderman Crawl is good for core, triceps, chest, shoulders, hip flexibility and lat flexibility. Heck it’s also good for a sweat!

Next: Various squats and push ups. 3 cycles at 10 reps per station. Let’s see there was push ups on an aerobic step, body weight squat, plyo push up on medicine ball, squats on Bozu, push ups on balance discs, squats on Airex pads and “around the world” on a Bozu.

Next: We call these DB Ultimates. Actually Randy named them because they ultimately suck…but they are effective. We do a combination of movements starting with a squat, to a sprawl, push up, DB row, Jump, DB curl and then an overhead press. 3 set of 12, 10, 8 reps.

Last: Core stuffola. Medicine balls again, 12 – 6 lbs…doing a situp then side to side taps, 5 reps each ball pass to the right. Then all over again passing the balls to the left. That was followed by leg raises while holding the ball extended, 10 reps each ball. Then ball to foot taps, 10 reps with each ball. Plank for one minute, the one leg planks-30 seconds each leg. Followed by “supermans” and “flying squirrels”.

  1. Joe Hashey says:

    Bill – good post! Love some good inch-worming!


  2. Larry Sellers says:

    Inspiring, I will get my grandson to do the spiderman with me. And sure his mother will include parts of this in her workout. Thanks, Bill

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