Pre-Holiday Season Training

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity
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tapoutHey how about that for a title? Essentially anything in November/December is pre (and post)-holiday training. What better way to spend the holidays…training hard…then eating…then training hard again. It all balances out…well eventually! Here is what we did 11/9/09!!

“Warm up”: Cobra Push up Inchworms. Not much fun at all. We did 50 yards worth total. Some people would call it a day after that…but not us.

Next we bent over and pushed the weighted sleds. 3 set of 25 yards…adding weight each time.

After that…more not so much fun stuff: Tabata type Toe Hops. We did the hops for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest and them repeated the process for 8 sets. We caught our breath…kinda…and did one leg toe hops. Needless to say the calves were burning so much that it smelled like charred flesh!!

Next a session of Barbell curls, hammer curls, pull ups, Theraband gold triceps extension, triceps dips, one legged squat, “Wind shield” wipers…repeat 3 cycles 10 reps each.

Next: Core Stuffola!! We put a loop of Gold Theraband around the ankles. Gold Theraband is the strongest the company makes. We did all of the core work with tension on the bands. Just another tweak to familiar exercises. And by the way…they were: Leg Raises x 25 reps, Side and Center crunches 25 each, V – Sits 25 reps, Reverse Crunches 25 reps, Table for 1 minute, 1 armed Table for 30 seconds each side, Seated Leg Raises 25 reps and Lemon Squeezers 25 reps.

Enjoy the video!


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