Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Medicine Balls, Shoulders
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eatrightAnother great evening of exercise. Named the post after my shirt! Today (11/11/09) we did some pretty hard cycles. This was one of the few workout sessions where body parts are emphasized. As you can see every workout is different. The only thing we maintain is the intensity!

All exercises are done in a continual fashion. We don’t like to “rest”.

Shoulder Emphasis 3 Cycles 12 Reps each exercise:

  1. Upright rows
  2. DB side laterals
  3. Standing Rhomboid Tband
  4. Tband Side laterals
  5. Towel Pull ups
  6. Tband one arm shoulder press
  7. Plate twist/raise
  8. Leg Raises
  9. Slide board abs pull ins

Arm emphasis 2 cycles 12 reps each exercise:

  1. BB curls
  2. Underhanded pull ups
  3. Tricep Bench Dips
  4. Bicep tband
  5. Tricep Tband
  6. Close pushup
  7. DB curls
  8. Plate Curls
  9. Slide board/pushup combo

Freehand Shoulder Burn 30 seconds each:

  1. Military Press
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Wrist curls down
  9. Wrist curls sideways
  10. External/Internal rotation
  11. Bent elbows front
  12. Bent elbows overhead
  13. Straight arm front palms down
  14. Straight arm front palms up
  15. Push aways
  16. Clap overhead

Core: 100 crunches 100 Leg raises

Not quite sure what the next workout session will bring. It will be different than this one! Stay tuned…coming soon!!

Here is the video link for today sweat session:

  1. The title of your post got me laughing :D, reminds me of a quote by Mark Twain which goes, “I am pushing sixty. That is enough exercise for me.”

    But seriously, great set!

    Healthy regards,
    FitDeck Mobile: Fitness. Simplified.
    Available on BlackBerry and comings soon to iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile!

    • Bill Jones says:

      Hey thanks for coming by…in the early stages obviously! By the way…just got a Droid a week ago. Looking forward to fitdeckmobile!!

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