Sat Workout November 14th

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jamaica3How’s that for a snappy title?

Guess I could have named it after my t-shirt again.


Warm up:

Short Lunges – Knee to Heel

Long Lunge – Get a big stretch

Straight leg kicks – Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

Toe Hops for 30 sec then 10 burpees for 5 sets

Next the exercises of the day.

2 cycles 30 seconds each station for Max Reps

  1. Dumbbell reach backs
  2. Slide board Adduction
  3. Side plank on riser
  4. Upside down Pushups
  5. Donkey kicks
  6. Over/under hurdle
  7. Lying foot to alternate hand
  8. Tband triceps

Freehand Shoulder Blast 30 seconds each:

  1. Military Press Movement
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Wrist curls down
  9. Wrist curls sideways
  10. External/Internal rotation
  11. Bent elbows front
  12. Bent elbows overhead
  13. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  14. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  15. Straight arm front palms down – up and down
  16. Straight arm front palms up – up and down
  17. Push aways
  18. Clap overhead

Core Stuffola

Crunches 50, Leg raises 50, Legs side to side 25 each side, Knees to elbows 50,  Rockers 50

The video:

  1. Larry (TKE #103) says:

    Can’t say enough good things about your workouts. Thanks for posting these for those of us not able to make it back to Columbus, GA. I am looking forward to seeing an increase in my stamina on the golf course when the next tour season starts in 2010.

    L. H.

    PS: Please tell Randy and Ash I said “Hey!” 🙂

    • Bill Jones says:

      Glad you can use them! A lot of the stuff we are doing is also used in our golf conditioning program. Full endorsement from Green Island Pro.

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