100s, Shoulder Burns…Ouch!!

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Push ups, Shoulders
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Still gotta work on these titles!! But hey I don’t have much time. Spent last night editing the video and now getting this post up!

We did or didn’t do a warm up today. By that I mean we did start with something not so hard…on the other hand it became more difficult as we went on. Warm up? Well maybe, maybe not.


Simply put we did 100 reps in a row with the following exercises: Toe Hops, Crunches, Leg Raises, Squats and Push ups. Try it…you won’t like it!


We got with partners and did 2 sets of 10 reps with 5 different exercises for 2 cycles. Only rest while the other was performing reps.

1. BB curls 2. Tband triceps 3. DB Incline Press 4. “Windshield Wipers”

5. Horizontal Push Press

Next: Shoulder Burns:  20 movements 30 seconds each

  1. Military
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Wrist curls down
  9. Wrist curls sideways
  10. External/Internal rotation
  11. Bent elbows front
  12. Bent elbows overhead
  13. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  14. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  15. Straight arm front palms down up and down
  16. Straight arm front palms up – up and down
  17. Push aways
  18. Shoulder “Ys”
  19. Shoulder “Ts”
  20. Clap overhead


Regular Planks – 1 minute

One Leg Planks – 30 seconds each leg

One Arm Planks – 30 seconds each arm

One Arm/Leg Planks – 30 seconds each side

Tough Stuff! And here is the video:



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