First Monday after Thanksgiving (11/30/09) and we have 11 people show up. Big number since we only had 4 ½ show up the Saturday after the holiday (John showed up a half hour late…hence the “1/2” person). One new person today! Pam was introduced to our form of torture fitness. And it did feel like torture. Wonder how we will top it? I’m sure we’ll throw some burpees in there next time!

Warm-up? It’s back to our “hard” warm up again. Inchworms and Spiderman Crawls 25 yards each

Next: 11 exercises, maximum amount of reps in 30 seconds. 3 cycles.

  1. DB Curls
  2. Pull ups w/towels
  3. Tricep dips
  4. Upright Rows
  5. Ab pullins on Slide Board
  6. Plate Twists
  7. Cross touch Push up
  8. “T”: Supine Foot to Hand
  9. “T” Prone Foot to Hand
  10. Side bends w/slosh pipe
  11. “L” Sits

Next: Squat/Push up variety combo. 2 cycles, 10 reps each station

BodyWeight Squats

Regular Push ups

Bosu Squats

Bosu Pushups

Squats on Airex pad

Balance Disc Pushups

Core stuff. There was quite a bit of core work in our main exercise cycle but hey we like doing more!

50 Crunches

50 Leg Raises

25 Side Crunches to each side and 25 up the middle

50 Seated Lemon Squeezers

50 Seated Flutter kicks

50 Seated Leg Raises

Here’s the video:


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