Still working on catching up on my posts! This workout occurred 12/22/09. Just the second after a 2 week lay off. You wouldn’t know it by the work out though. The work out was tough and nonstop. We don’t like to rest too much during all this stuff. You don’t get anywhere by hanging around, resting and talking all the time!

Warm up…if you want to call it that. Inchworms for 50 yards. Think this is easy? Try 10 yards.

Next: 4 sets of 25 yards pushing a loaded sled…adding a plate each time. Sure we got slower as the weight got higher. That’s just the way that it goes.

Next: A Push Up, Squat and Burpee cycle…we did 20 reps of each one dropping to 19 then 18, 17, 16, 15. Not much fun…but effective!

Lastly the core stuff: Ball twists w/leg up 5 reps each ball, leg raises with ball in outstretched arms 10 reps each ball, seated leg raises with ball overhead 10 rep each ball…Heck I’m all tired again just thinking about this one!

Here’s the vid:


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