Christmas is Done Ash Takes Over

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the workout from 12/26/09…Yep day after Christmas. We just can’t stop exercising! Since Randy took over the last one Ash decided to do this one. I get to wear a tshirt that kinda looks like one of my dogs!

Warm Up: Push Up, Squat, Crunches – 3 sets of 20 each

Next: Short Lunges – 50 on each leg. A short lunge is having a knee come down to the floor even to the opposite heel. Brings in the glutes a bit more.

Next: A circuit of 7 exercises. DB incline press, BB curls, Lying pullups, tband triceps, Standing plate twists, Windshield wipers, Ab pullins on slide board.  We did 2 cycles of 20 reps each with 5 burpees between each exercise.

Next: Shoulder burns. 20 movements at 30 seconds each.

  1. Military Press
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Wrist curls down
  9. Wrist curls sideways
  10. External/Internal rotation
  11. Bent elbows front
  12. Bent elbows overhead
  13. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  14. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  15. Straight arm front palms down up and down
  16. Straight arm front palms up – up and down
  17. Push aways
  18. Shoulder “Ys”
  19. Shoulder “Ts”
  20. Clap overhead

Followed by 20 pushups.

Core Stuff: Crunches, Leg Raises, See Saws, Lemon Squeezers all 50 reps each and side planks at 25 reps each side.

And the video:


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