Just for the fun of it Click on the picture! So anyway…the last workout of the year, 12/28/09. Decided to continue our trend to make them harder every time we can get a chance.

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes…burns. Crunches and Leg Raises 100 each…then 25 yards of Inchworms!

Next: Well the legs were still sore from the last workout…so why not jack them up again?!!? 50 short lunges on each leg followed by 100 Squats!

Next: A Training Circuit of 11 exercises. 2 cycles of 15 reps each. Upright rows, Tricep tband, lying pullups, tricep bench dips, Db curls, parallette pushups, slosh pipe sit ups, rhomboid tband, ab pullins, supine foot to hand, Alt hand to foot pushups.

Next: Still some time to kill…25 pushups. All the way to the floor…pause and backup.

Core Stuff: Knees to Elbows 50 reps, Alternate hand to foot 50 reps each side, Lemon Squeezers 50 reps, Seated leg raises 50 reps.

And the video:


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