Really The Last Workout of 2009

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Push ups, Uncategorized
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Ok…made a mistake with the last post. This is really the last workout of the year 2009. See I’m still catching up with my blog here. I could have went back and fixed the title but hey…I’m behind…I make mistakes…and there you go!!

So this is the workout from 12/30/09.

We kinda just jumped right in. Not much of a traditional warm up.

First: Squat cycle. 8 different types of squats. All 10 reps each for 3 cycles. Squat with kettlebell swing, Squat on Bosu, Squat on Air Ex pad, Squat on balance discs, Squats while doing rhomboid pulls with tband, squats while bending a forearm thing (don’t know the real name for the thing), body weight squats, lunges. This was a burner!

Second: Gold theraband Side walking 50 yards…hits the glutes and hips. Burns as well!

Third: Push up cycle. 8 Variations of a push up. 2 cycles 10 reps. Triceps: burned out! Regular pushups, pushups on bosu, pushups on balance discs, pushups on AirEx pad, Cobra pushups, Pushups with feet on a ball, pushups with hands on theraball, plyo pushups on medicine ball.

Core Stuff: Get a Plate! Most of the guys get a 45 pounder. Most of the girls get a 25 pounder. Anyone new can use a 10 pounder.  Plate side to side and over head 10 reps each side, Plate to toes 10 reps, Leg raises with plate over head 20 reps, Wind shield wipers 10 reps each side, Lemon squeezers holding plate overhead 20 reps, seated leg raises plate overhead 20 reps.

Last video of the year!


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