First Workout of the Year 2010

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Uncategorized
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So First JONESERCISE Workout of the year! This was on 1/2/2010. I get to wear an old tshirt of Grand Funk Railroads’ Bass player, Mel Schacher. Now that has nothing to do with the workout. Just throwing the info out there!

Warm Up 1: Jump rope Cycle. 3 weighted ropes (2,3,4 pounders) and 2 speed ropes. We ran out of ropes so we threw some Toe Hops in there as well. Did 2 cycles. One at 30 seconds on each rope and the other at 15 seconds per rope.

Warm Up 2: Inchworms for 25 yards and Short Lunges for 25 yards.

Next: 3 Squat cycle of 7 squat variations, 10 reps each. Wide feet, feet touching, Ball between knees, Med ball overhead, heels up, toes up, Bosu

Next: 2 cycles of 7 exercises, 30 seconds max reps each. Stool Scoots (just getting around on the stool, activates hamstrings), tband side laterals, pushups, theraball pull ins for hams, Bench bridges driving the heels into the mat (another ham/glute thing), one leg squat with foot on bench, hypers.

Core Stuff: Reverse crunches 25, leg overs 25 each side, alternate hand to foot 25 each side, reverse crunch hip ups 25.

That was more than enough!

  1. Craig says:

    Hey Bill

    I have that shirt too! Best of luck with the workouts in 2010.

    Craig Clingan

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