So second workout of the year, 1/4/2010. Decided to do something we’ve never done…which is something we try to keep doing just to keep us guessing…me included…and I’m the one (usually) coming up with this stuff. Anyway…decided to do an all core workout. I was kinda dreading it all day. For fanboys…Kneel Before ZOD! Tshirt.

Part 1: 6 exercises, 30 seconds at each station, Max reps. “L” sits, Leg pullins with Swiss ball, “Windshield wipers”, DB bridge with reach back, Ab pullins on slide board, Plank to push up.

Part 2: 7 exercises, 30 seconds at each station, Max reps. Slosh pipe side bends, Side Crunch on step, planks, tables, Ab reaches on slide board, Alternate foot to hand push up, Medicine ball side to side with feet off ground.

Part 3: Plate CORE work. Everybody got a plate they could handle. Most of the guys got a 45. Most of the girls got a 25. New folks got a 10. Sit up-side to side 10 reps each side, Plate to feet 10 reps, Plate crunches 10 reps, Plate over head lemon Squeezers 20 reps, Plate over head leg raises 20 reps.

Part 4: Medicine Ball stuff. 7 balls ranging in size from 4 to 12 pounds. Sit up and side to side 5 reps each side then pass the ball to the left, repeated that again but passing the ball to the right, leg raises with ball over head 10 reps each ball, Ball to each foot 3 reps each foot then passing the ball to the right.

Part 5: Bicycles 20 reps each side, Elbows to knees 20 reps, Alternate hand to foot 20 reps each side, Hip rolls 20 reps, bicycles again 20 reps each side, Toe Touch 20 reps, Reverse crunches 20 reps.

Ya know you’d think this was a hard workout…it wasn’t. Toward the end of the video you here me comment on that. So what does that mean? On paper it looked hard. But in reality I guess we are in better shape than I thought.

The vid:


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