200s: The New “300″ Workout

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Push ups, T Shirts
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Soooo…decided to really hammer the system with this workout. This was our workout yesterday (1/16/2010). I’m kinda keeping up with this stuff so far this year.

If I exercised more than 3 times a week there would be no way to keep up with writing about it…that is I would have to be unemployed to have that much time.

Music by Joe Satriani “Surfing With The Alien” and KISS KLASSICS. Tshirt brought to you by Iced Earth…another band many people have never heard of. I digress. On with the workout!

Warm Up: Not so much. Just launched in with sleds. We did start light and work up. So much for a warm up. Don’t do this at home kids!

Sleds: “Pyramid” fashion. Started with one plate (45lb or 25lb). Added a plate after each 25 yard push. Worked up to 4 plates and then all the way back down to one plate. Pretty rough on the legs and the gut!

Next: So here is where I get the title to this post. We do push ups, squats and burpees. We’ll do 4 sets of 50 reps of each exercise. So we will eventually hit 200 reps of each exercise. This was not fun. There were a few squeamish stomachs during this. Mine included!

Core Stuff: Keeping with the 200 theme: 200 Crunches and 200 Leg Raises!

And the video!

  1. Really new to this thing, still learning about this game. This is a excellent thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks! 🙂

    • Bill Jones says:

      Like your site! I’ve been an MMA fan since the first UFC…and I am still learning too about this stuff. Only been doing it a few months! I look forward to seeing more at your site soon!

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