Exhausted: The Way It Is Supposed To Be

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Medicine Balls, Push ups, T Shirts
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Purely an exhausting workout tonight. This is the JONESERCISE workout for 1/18/2010.  Today was just one of those days that seemed to go on forever. Trying to get stimulated for the workout was a chore. That is probably why I keep doing this the way I am…other people “depend” on the exercise class.

The way the group has evolved is really great. People are supportive of each other. “Support” can be shown with positive encouragement or sarcastic remarks. We do it all.

I just didn’t think it was going to be that great. “Great” now means sweat, soreness and exhaustion…but in a good way! Turned out to be pretty good!

Music by: R.E.M. eponymous. T Shirts by: JONESERCISE. Ash decided to order some t shirts just for the class via Andy at LOGOS http://www.logos2wear.net/. Great job!

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes. I just couldn’t decide what to start with…something really hard or something hard but tolerable. Chose tolerable. If you’ve never just hopped up and down on your toes…try it! See if you can make all 2 minutes. You just hop up and down as fast as you can for 2 minutes. But watch out! You may catch your calves on fire!

Next: Exercise circuit. 11 exercises, Max reps, 30 seconds each station for 3 cycles. The exercises included Bosu Squats, standing tband rhomboid, Bag pull throughs, Parallete pushups, Ab pull ins on slide board, tband triceps, BB curls, underhanded lying pullups, tricep bench dips, DB curls, Side planks on riser.

Next: We were doing well on time. So instead of jumping right into core work we did some jumping. Essentially the person just jumps up as high as they can then jump out as far as the legs would take you. 50 yards worth of  jumping.

Next: Still had time. So we did pushups on the med balls. Had 11 balls varying in weight from 4 to 12. Did 2 push ups on each ball. Tougher than it looks or sounds. We did 2 cycles of this one.

Core: Used the medicine balls the entire time. 11 medicine balls from 2 to 12 pounds. Sit up and slam the ball side to side 5 reps then passing the ball to the right, Ball to feet 10 reps pass ball to the right, legs wide ball to alternate foot 5 on each side pass ball to the right, seated twists 5 reps on each side pass the ball to the right.

And here’s the video…SHUT UP AND WORK!


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