16 Killer Core Exercises

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Core, Exercise, High Intensity, T Shirts
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This was the JONESERCISE workout for 1/23/2010. Once again back to a “core only” workout. Still trying to find a balance of a hard workout doing a lot of core work. I think we found it! This one was tough core wise as well as body taxing. Soaked the t-shirt…a measurement of effort. Today was Santana Saturday as that was the music of the day http://www.santana.com/. T-shirt by TapouT. http://www.tapout.com/

I read an article that had a pretty cool exercise using a weight plate called “rotational halos” http://www.dieselcrew.com/muscle-building-videos-core-strength-leg-strength-workouts/#comments. So I thought I’d try to make our last “plate core workout” harder and also adding the one I saw online. Ended up being a very good workout…one of the ones where the “throw up” comes up to the throat but not out…probably too much information there but hey just another measurement tool!

Warm Up: 50 yards worth of Inchworms. This used to be just “part of the workout” but it has gotten easy enough to move it up to the warm up.  It’s a good overall body warmer. The hams and calves get a bit of a dynamic stretch. The low back, glutes, tris and chest get hit with the push up portion. Lots of stabilization around the shoulders. Heart rate increases over the course of 50 yards. Try it you’ll hate it!

The Plate Core Workout of 1/23/2010!

Most of the guys were using a 45lb plate, the girls a 25lb plate…new folks either a 10 or 25 pounder. Wish I could come up with cool names for the exercises but read along and follow the video.

Exercise 1: Twist floor to overhead. 3 sets 5 on each side.

Exercise 2: Overhead Spin. 3 Sets 5 on each side.

Exercise 3: Twist with pause in the middle. 3 sets 5 on each side.

Exercise 4: Twist without pause. 3 sets 5 on each side.

Exercise 5: Overhead Twists. 3 sets 5 on each side.

Exercise 6: Front Plate Raises. 3 sets 10.

Exercise 7: Halos.  3 sets 5 each side.

Exercise 8: Overhead Side Bends. 3 sets 5 each side.

Exercise 9: Round the World. Just a variation off the front plate raise. 3 set 8.

Floor Core!

Exercise 10: Windshield wipers. 3 sets 5 each side.

Exercise 11: Sit up and side to side. 3 sets 10.

Exercise 12: Leg raises with plate over head. 3 set 20.

Exercise 13: Lemon Squeezers with plate overhead. 3 sets 20.

Exercise 14: Plate to toes. 3 sets 10 reps.

Exercise 15: Reverse crunches with plate overhead. 3 sets 20.

Exercise 16: Seated twists with feet up. 3 sets 10.

Very effective workout…feeling it today as I type!

And of course the video:

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  2. Brewmaster12 says:

    Incredible workout!! Throw up description is spot on..

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