General Physical Preparedness: GPP

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Medicine Balls, T Shirts
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This is for our 1/27/2010 workout. It was hard…as usual…not the hardest and certainly not the easiest. The title of the post basically describes what we really do. We do “general fitness” which doesn’t mean easy. Hell I would rather go back to my old body building routines that served me well strength and size wise. But those routines are easy compared to what I’m doing now.

Every day is different. It’s interesting how body building has crept into fitness so much over the years. I remember when no one talked about having a leg day or a chest/back day (yeah I go back a few years). Now you have your run of the mill person talking like that. We don’t. The whole body gets hit. Some “body parts” harder than others but the whole body is always involved. As it should be…that is how your body truly functions.

Music by Robin Trower…Tshirt probably by Walmart…TEAMWORK: A lot of people doing what I tell them to do!

Warm Up: Get Up Sit Ups to Burpee Combo. A reletively athletic move. You roll back and try to sit up on to your feet then go into a burpee. Some reps are better than others. We should practice these more often. 20 reps gets the blood flowing.

Next: Pushing Sleds. Guys pushing 115 lbs, girls pushing 75lbs. Sometimes we add weight but this day was to keep the sleds moving at a good pace…which is as fast as you can push it! 4 sets of 25 yards.

Next: Since 10 people showed up we had 10 exercises in the circuit. We do a maximum amount of reps for 30 seconds on each exercise and did 2 cycles. The kicker was having to do 5 burpees between each exercise! Doesn’t sound like much on paper but will make you gag over time! The exercises included: DB incline presses, BB curls, Gold t-band triceps extensions, Ab pullins on slide board, Windshield wipers, “T” Supine foot to hand, Cross touch hand to foot push ups, Supine pull ups, Bosu squats, “L” sits.

Core: We did a medicine ball circuit. We ended up using 11 balls instead of 10 because we had an unexpected visitor that decided to do some core work with us. So 11 balls ranging from 4 – 12 pounds. Don’t let the light balls fool you. When you get a 4 pounder the instructions are to do the movement faster! First movement is to do a situp then tap the ball to each side for 5 reps then past to the right. So you see you will be getting a lot of work! After you get your original ball you do the same movement but pass the ball to the left. The next move was 20 leg raises with the ball in your hands just inches off the ground…yep 20 leg raises with every ball. The last move was seated leg raises with the ball over head for 20 reps and again for every ball.

Then we called it a day. And here is the video!


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