Yes is the answer. So what do we do to top the last session? Just train until you can barely get up and walk out! This is the work out from 2/8/2010 and it was another tough one. I wonder what we need to do to top this one? Got a day or so to figure that one out. Music today brought to you by Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) and Grand Funk Railroad (GFR). T-Shirt: Northwestern Indian artwork for Orca…pretty cool stuff.

Warm Up: What warm up? We just launched into the circuit training today!

First: Exercise circuit of 11 exercises done for 30 seconds with a maximum amount of reps in that 30 second time period. No rest except getting to the next station. 2 cycles and no rest between cycles. Exercises: BB Curls, Triceps extension with gold tband, lying pull ups, DB curls, triceps bench dips, Step run, quick feet drill, Turkish get ups, walkout push ups, ab pullins on slide board, “L” sits.

Second: As if the first part of the workout wasn’t enough…another circuit of 11 different squat variations. 10 reps on each variation with 5 reps of walkout push ups in between each one. 2 cycles…of course…no rest. Squat variations: Wide squats, Feet together, Normal width, Ball squeeze between knees, Medicine ball overhead, Medicine ball in front, Toes up, Heels up, Bosu, balance board, Air Ex pad.

Core Stuff: 25 reps of crunches, leg raises, alternate hand to foot, knees to elbows, reverse crunch/hip ups…which isn’t too bad but we added 10 burpees between each core exercise. Not much fun!

And the video:


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