Ultimate Conditioning 2: Inchworms, Medicine Balls, and Core (oh my!)

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Medicine Balls, Push ups, T Shirts
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This is the JONESERCISE workout for 2/13/2010. A variety of stuff today! Gotta keep the body guessing. No one got too close to losing their breakfast…not sure if that is a valid measurement tool…probably not. Good group effort today. Seems that everyone put out as much as they could. Music by Foreigner http://www.foreigneronline.com/. There is a clip included where Randy is complaining about the music (3:12)…T-Shirt by Bill Hicks…great comedian (adults only!) From Valdosta, GA…passed away at 32. Cancer got him…http://www.billhicks.com/. I have everything he had out (I think…).

On with the workout!

Warm Up: If you want to call it that! Toe hops for 2 minutes…big time burn. Followed up with Inchworm Dumbell Wallking/Pushup for 25 yards. Then Inchworm DB Walking with Pushup and DB row…another 25 yards.

Next: Medicine ball drill #1. 9 balls. 6 – 12 pounders. Kinda like a basketball chest pass right and left followed by a jump and slamming the ball as hard as you can into the ground. 3 slams = 1 rep. Had to do all the balls. This’ll get you tired…but there’s more!

Next: Medicine ball drill #2. Same balls. Same kinda pass thing then slamming the ball behind you. 2 slams = 1 rep. All the balls.

Next: Medicine ball drill #3. Same balls. Same kinda pass thing then sprawl, push on the ball, jump and slam the ball. 2 slams = 1 rep. All the balls.

Next: Exercise cycle of 9 stations. 30 seconds each station for a maximum amount of reps. We only did one cycle of Ab pullins on slide board, plate front raises, get up sit ups, weighted jump rope, triceps tband, BB curls, lying pullups, DB incline chest press, pushups on step.

Next: Rotation Pushups, 25 each side. These weren’t that hard until about half way through.

Core Stuff: Balls (again). 9 balls. Sit up and tap ball side to side for 5 reps then pass the ball to the right…yep you get all the balls. Leg Raises while holding the ball with outstretched arms 10 reps each ball. Seated leg raises with ball overhead 20 reps each ball. Finally reverse crunch/hip up 50 reps.

And on to the video:


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