Max Full Body Conditioning

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, T Shirts
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Yeah…I look tired. I am. Another tough workout. We like it that way. Self cruelty but for a good cause. Kinda behind again. This is the JONESERCISE workout from 2/15/2010.  We’ve had easier…and we’ve had tougher…but this hit the spot like a frosty ice cold beer about 3:00 pm (August in Georgia!). Music by Aerosmith and Grand Funk Railroad. My formal T-shirt is by Walmart…I think. Great place to buy cheap ass workout shirts you won’t care much about later.

Warm Up (Kinda): Walkout push up/Burpee combo. Your arms “walk out”…you do a push up…walk back up…then do a burpee…3 sets of 25. That’s a warm up right there…but there’s more! Sumo Squat/Knee to Elbow/Burpee combo. Probably wanna check out the video on this one…25 reps to both sides. Cobra push ups 3 x 10. This is another one to check out the video. Hard to describe. Finally, jump squat/Burpee combo. You do 5 jump squats followed by 5 burpees…and repeat the process for 3 sets. Now time for the work out!

Next:Exercise circuit of 11 exercises, 30 seconds each station, Max reps and 2 cycles. Not sure if anyone noticed but we don’t do a lot of resting. The only rest you get is to get to the other station. Taxes the cardio system a bit more. Exercises consisted of lying pullups, BB curls, DB curls, Triceps tband, triceps dips, jump rope, windshield wipers, supine hand to foot, Bozu squats, squat to ball, ab pullins on slide board.

Next: Body weight squats. Did rock bottoms, 1/4 squats, parallel squats and then full top to bottom squats…25 each.

Core Stuff: Big variety of stuff today. 25 crunches, leg raises, “V” crunches, “up the middle” crunches, lemon squeezers, seated leg raises. 25 each side of knees up side crunch, alternate foot to hand, legs up crunches. Glad when this was over!!

Almost forgot the video:


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