More Maximum Conditioning

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Push ups
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Another good conditioning session yesterday! This is the workout for 2/20/2010. Everyone broke a good sweat doing this one. Covered everything…cardio, flexibility, strength, core. The workout did the body good! Music by Alice Cooper and Grand Funk Railroad. Grand Funk seems to be in here a lot. Main reason is once the featured CD is done GFR is already in there. Haven’t taken it out of the CD changer yet. T-Shirt by JONESERCISE!! Got them at:

Warm Up: Cobra Inchworms for 25 yards. Better check out the video on this one. Kinda hard to describe and harder than I thought it would be. Long lunges for 25 yards. Dynamic Stretch Alternate Hand to Foot for 25 yards…essentially high kicks with straight legs…similar to a Tae Kwon Do Ax kick. Then short lunges for 25 yards. Yeah you’d be warmed up after this!

Next: Squat/Push up circuit. Every other exercise was a variation of a squat or push up. There were 11 exercises. Regular body weight squat, regular push up, Bosu squat, bosu push up, Squats on balance discs, “jump” push ups, Wide Squats, Push ups on Air Ex pad, Squats on Air Ex pad, plyo medicine ball push up, Toe up squats…2 cycles at 10 reps per station.

Next: Exercise Circuit. 11 exercises at 30 seconds per station for 2 cycles. This was a bit tougher than the squat/push up circuit. Of course you are going for a maximum amount of reps…some people will always do more than others. So that means the workout will be harder for some than for others. This can be a real mental workout. Your mind will never be sure what the body can do…until you do it!  The exercises consisted of: Upright rows, ab pullins on slide board, lying pullups, tband triceps, triceps dips, DB curls, push up to plank, windshield wipers, prone foot to hand, plate front raises, foot drill.

Core Stuffola! A little twist on thing here. We put the gold tbands around the ankles. For every exercise the leg were to be pulling away from midline. Just adds a different dimension to a familiar movement. 25 reps for crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches, knees to elbows. “”V” side crunches and “Flutter Kicks” both at 25 reps to each side. And we finished off with tables. Not sure how long we held it but over 2 minutes cause we were waiting for a song to get over…that’s what you do when you forget to get out a stop watch!

And the video:


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