What’s this on my shirt? Oh yeah! Sweat…gallons of sweat. Well maybe not gallons but hey we all did sweat profusely. And all over my B. Merrell’s T-shirt!

B. Merrell’s is a frequent place for post workout nutrition. And if you don’t live around here just go to the website http://www.bmerrells.net/wing_sauce.html and order up some of the best sauce!

Off on the wrong tangent there…Freaky Conditioning. Not sure how freaky it is but many have commented on how nuts some of the stuff is that we are doing. Oh well…please…do try this at home!

It was Metallica Monday and here you go!

Warm Up: Well kinda. Sled pushes…25 yards followed by 10 burpees. Everyone did it 3 times. Yeah that’ll loosen some stuff up!

Next: Ultimates! We don’t really know what else to call this DB circuit combo. There are 2 things that’ll get a groan out of a JONESERCISER…burpees and Ultimates! The Ultimate is a DB squat, squat thrust, push up, DB row, jump, DB curl, DB press…essentially 7 exercises to be completed to equal just 1 rep. We did 3 sets of 15, 12, 10. Some people would have just called it quits after these but hey…we still had more time on the clock! Soooooo……..

Next: Short Lunges 50 reps each leg then on to squats for 100 reps. This has gotten a bit easier but it still burns like crazy! The short lunges really hit the thighs and glutes.

Next: Just a quick little push up cycle. 6 push up variations…10 reps each. Heck that’s only 60! We did a wide hand placement, regular, and narrow. Some of us did an overhead hand placement…come couldn’t do this…yet! Of course that means we’ll have to keep doing this one. Then you have the hand clapping push up. And lastly the cobras.

Core Stuffola: Pretty simple little core workout. Crunches and leg raises for 50 reps each. Then a Superman and plank holds for 1 minute each. And lastly 50 knees to elbows.

Not too shabby…wonder how we can spice things up a bit for next time?

And the video:

  1. Bryan Evans says:

    Hey Bill! This is a great blog! I’ll definitley use these!

  2. […] DRILL 1: My version of a DEATH DRILL…There is a post from February (https://jonesercise.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/freaky-conditioning/) that includes the DB drill we call Ultimates. DEATH DRILL 1 is basically making the Ultimates more […]

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