Exercise, Eat Right, Die Anyway 2

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, T Shirts
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I like this shirt. I really do. So much I named the post after it (again).

This is the workout for 2/24/2010. Yep. I’m behind again but catching up.

It was a decent enough workout…especially the partner portion…you’ll get that in a bit. The musical artist of the day: Jimi Hendrix. T-Shirt: see title of post!!

Warm Up: Inchworm/Plank/Push up combo for 25 yards. This was kinda rough on the elbows because of out sportsturf. The regular inchworms for 25 yards.

Next: One arm overhead press/burpees 3 x 5 then DB swings/burpees 3 x 5. Always trying to mix things up.

Next: Exercise Cycle. The video look like chaos…and it is but controlled chaos! We split up into groups of 2. Then did 3 sets of 10 at each exercise station for 2 cycles. The exercises included Barbell curls, lying pullups, Triceps DB French Curls, DB Curls, Plate Raises, Triceps T-Band.

Core Time: Started off with partner Glute Ham raises for 3 sets of 10. Table for 1 min. One leg table 30 seconds each leg. One leg table with leg high 30 seconds each leg. Plank with a forward punch 10 reps each arm. Superman for 1 minute. Flying squirrel for 1 minute. Squirrel variation: arms at a “T” position and legs spread for 1 minute. Side crunches legs bent 25 reps to each side. Side crunches with legs straight up 25 to each side. “V” crunches for 25 reps. Alternate hand to foot 25 each side. Lemon squeezers 25 reps. Seated leg raises for 25 reps.

That’ll be enough!

  1. I really appreciate what you write about here. I try and visit it every day so keep up the good articles!

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