Obviously I’m running out of ideas for post titles that I have to name the post after my T-shirt…or maybe I felt like tapping out during the workout. Probably a little of both!

This was the JONESERCISE workout for 2/27/2010. Turned out to be a pretty hard workout. They all are.

Music by Screaming Headless Torsos http://screamingheadlesstorsos.com/Website/SHT.html and Slipknot http://www.slipknot1.com/. T-shirt…well…brought to you by TapouT http://www.tapout.com/

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes then Gold Theraband side walking for 50 yards.

Next: Lunges…with a twist…literally. The first 25 yards we twisted side to side with a plate. The next 25 yards we held the weight over our heads…which is another “twist”…to regular old lunges. Both affect the core in different ways.

Next: The old medicine ball drill. Jump up then broad jump out for 25 yards. The next 25 yards was a bit different. You still jump up but then you get the ball on the ground, sprawl, push up then jump out as far as you can go.

Next: Circuit Exercise Cycle. 10 Exercises at 30 seconds for each station. Maximum amount of reps at each exercise for 2 cycles through. The only rest we take during our circuits is the amount of time to get to the next station. Squats with plate overhead, push ups on stability ball, side laterals on Vertimax, pull up holds, DB incline press, standing plate pushes, upright rows, “bottom burpees”, Triceps extension with gold Tband, push ups alternating hand to opposite side foot.

Core stuff: Balls! Leg raises sqeezing the medicine ball between ankles. There were 10 balls with weight from 4 to 12 pounds. We did every ball for 10 reps. Next are sit up/twists 5 reps each ball. Then seated leg raises 10 reps with each ball held over head. And finally regular supine leg raises with the ball held in outstretched arms, 10 reps each ball.

And the video:


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