Workout for 3/15/2010. We didn’t have out usual Saturday workout. I went to Fort Walton Beach, FL. Just a quick visit for a couple of days. Not a bad trip at all. Did we exercise at the hotels’ “fitness room”? No! Did we exercise on the beach? No! This was a totally chill out weekend!

Music by: Anvil I became reacquainted with the group after I saw a documentary on them last year. T-Shirt? Well Ft. Walton Beach of course!

Warm Up: Whoops we forgot to do a formal warm up. Just launched right into the exercise circuit.

Exercise Circuit: 11 exercises at 30 seconds per station for maximum reps. 3 cycles. The video says 10 exercises. I made a mistake on it. Darn! The exercises included:

1. Squats with a medicine ball overhead.

2. Alternate foot to hand push ups.

3. DB incline presses.

4. Lying pull ups.

5. Triceps extension with Gold Tband.

6. Laterals with Vertimax.

7. Jump rope.

8. Run drill on step.

9. Plate raises.

10. “L” sits.

11. Ab pullins on slide board.

Next: Inchworms for 50 yards. These became really hard after doing the exercise circuit. Just shows you can mix things up a bit to get stimulated with something familiar.

Next: 100 Squats.

Next: 100 Push ups.

Core stuff: Crunches 50, Side crunches 50 on each side, up the middle crunches 25, Leg Raises 50, Side of Shoe side crunches 25 on each side, Alternate hand to foot 25 each side, lemon squeezers 25 and seated leg raises 25.

That was enough!!


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