Not a real spiffy post title…but hey…I’m behind in my posts…which means I got busy at work etc/blah/blah/blah…I hate excuses so mine are blah/blah/blah.

Actually the title pretty much sums up how we work every time. We always do a “circuit of something”. This is the workout for 3/22/2010.

Music by Queen, T-shirt: Another cheapo workout t-shirt from when we made the recent trip to Fort Walton Beach…buy one get one free (7 bucks!).

Warm up: Decided to start with some core stuff with the medicine balls.

1. Sit up/Ball side to side for 5 reps then pass the ball to the left.

2. After all 9 balls go by we did the same thing again but passed the ball to the right.

3. Ball to the feet, 10 reps and passed to the left…all 9 balls…4 to 12 pounds.

4. Ball to the feet with legs wide, 5 reps to each foot…all 9 balls.

Next: The primary exercise cycle. 9 exercises 10 reps each. Some of us thought we did 5 cycles and some of us thought we did 6. Well it was one or the other!

1. Upright Rows

2. Alternate hand to foot push ups

3. Db Curls

4. Ab pullins with slide board

5. Gold Tband triceps extension

6. Lying Pull ups

7. DB Triceps extension

8. Vertimax laterals

9. Windshield Wipers

May seem like less than we usually do but we did more cycles than usual.

The video:


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