This is the workout for 3/29/2010. Just an overall butt busting workout (as always)! Of course, as always, it may be similar to things we have done in the past but still different. Keeps the brain and the body guessing. Always good for continual improvement! And continual improvement is what we are really going for. I mean who really wants to be the same. If you stand still you are really getting behind. All that counts is going forward!

Music for today by Bowling for Soup:

T-shirt…well it’s just a random mixed martial arts (MMA) T-shirt.

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 30 seconds then 25 crunches then more toe hops then 25 leg raises then more toe hops. Howisthatforagreatsentence?

Next: Inchworms for 25 yards then Spiderman Crawls for 25 yards.

Next: Sled/Burpee Combo. Any time you push the sleds it sucks. And anytime you do burpees it sucks. So we put two things that suck together. And guess what? It sucked. But in a good way! We did 3 set of 25 yards followed by 10 Burpees each time.

Next: 100 Bench Squats. We’ve done body weight squats before but not like this. After you stand you come down, have a seat, lift your feet off the ground then up again. Those little changes are what really makes a difference.

Next: Push Up Cycle. Ground Up Push Ups, 4 x 25 reps. This is a regular push up but you actually let your body hit the ground, raise your hand off the ground then up again. Believe me that little change mean a lot! Next were the Fist Push Ups. You rest your chest on both your fists then push up. 2 x 10 reps. Walk out push ups were the finisher, 2 x 10.

Core Stuffola: Crunches and leg raises for 25. Leg up side crunches 25 each side. Knees to elbows and reverse crunch/hip ups for 25 each.

And the vid:


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