Core And Circuit Training

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, High Intensity, Push ups
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Workout for 4/3/2010. Core and Circuit Training…pretty boring name for a post title. Especially since we do core every workout and hell there are always aspects of circuit training in there as well.

Just ran out of the creative juices for title making today. That’s OK…as long as I can stay creative with how the workouts are. I don’t like getting bored and so far we haven’t had a “boring workout”.

Music: Top 100 of Billboard 1975. T-shirt: “Plays Well With Others”. Nuff Said.

Warm Up: Started with some core/ab stuff. Hey it was early Saturday morning and tough to get the brain and body connected! We did a “crunch/leg raise” cycle starting with 25 rep of each and adding 25 more reps each set until we hit 100 of each. Sounds hard but not anymore…100 is just a number…won’t hurt you.

Next: Exercise circuit of 8 exercises, 30 seconds at each station for max reps. 3 cycles.

1. DB Incline Press

2. BB Curls

3. Push Ups on stability ball

4. Plate Raises

5. Lying pullups

6. Tband Triceps Extension

7. Ab pullins on slide board

8. Laterals

Next: Push up/Plank Combo. Simply get in a plank position, then onto your hands, do a push up and return to plank. Good core stuff.

20 push ups – 1 minute plank

19 push ups – 1 minute plank

And work down to 15 push ups.

More Core:

1. Plank to push up 10 reps, no need to hold the plank on this one.

2. Plank to side plank, knee to elbow 10 reps each side.

3. Side plank, side leg raise 10 reps each side.

4. Knees bent side crunches 25 reps each side. The video says “knee bent leg raise”…what the hell is that? I must have been tired when I was editing!

5. Alternate foot to hand 25 reps each. The video says “knees to leg raises”…I must have been taken over by aliens last night…or just plain tired!

6. Knees to elbows 25 reps. The video says “up the middle crunch”…geez how could I have done this???

7. Crunches up the middle 50 reps. Well its on the video…

Here you go:


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