This is the workout for 4/5/2010. Whole Body Conditioning.

Yep that’s what we do. Each and every time. Your body doesn’t work in body parts…it works as a whole…it’s just the way that it is.

Lots of folks turned out for this one. Even a frat bro from California decided to partake in the insanity.

Music by: Lenny Kravitz T-shirt by: Cagefighter.

By now you probably have guessed that I am a big fan of mixed martial arts. During my quest to get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do I began to get fascinated with the UFC…the old UFC. I knew then and there that I would not step into the octagon. I do have a bit of sense left!

Warm Up: Toe Hops to burn the calves for 1.5 minutes followed by 50 yards of Inchworms.

Next:Bench Squats. 100 reps lifting the feet off the ground with every rep.

Next: Push up/Squat/Burpee Cycle. 20 reps of each the descending to 15, 10, and 5. That will get your heart rate up.

Next: Exercise Circuit. 11 exercises at 30 seconds each for maximum reps. 2 cycles. I only listed 9 exercises in the video…because I forgot to put in the others while editing!!!

1. DB Incline Press

2. BB Curls

3. Laterals

4. Lying Pull Ups

5. Squat To Ball

6. Plate Raises

7. Ab Pullins

8. Jump Rope

9. Windshield Wipers

10. Wall Sit Single Leg Raises

11. Tband Triceps Extension

Core Stuff:

1. On Elbow/Forearm Side Planks 15 reps each side.

2. On Hand Side Planks 15 reps each side.

3. Side Crunch Leg Up 25 reps each side.

4. Side Plank Knee To Elbow 10 reps each side.

5. Side Crunches Knees Bent 25 reps each side.

6. Side Plank Side Leg Raises 10 reps each side.

7. Legs Up Crunches 50 reps.

8. Leg Raises 50 reps.

9. Lemon Squeezers 25 reps.

10. Seated Leg Raises 25 reps.

And the video:


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