The workout for 4/10/2010. No fancy equipment needed. All bodyweight motions.

We did use a few things under our feet just to add a bit of variety but not totally necessary.

California Eddie did his third JONESERCISE workout. The Silverback rear left in the picture.

Barry showed up. He tends to workout every 3 months. And newbie Connie who did a great job keeping up without throwing up.

Kind of a tough workout after having dinner the night before with some college friends…oh and margaritas.

Music: Metallica T-shirt: Metallica.

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes then Inchworms for 50 yards.

Next: Jump up, Jump out, Sprawl, Push Up, Repeat…for 50 yards.

Next: Squat/Push Up Circuit 1. Seven types of squats with push ups in between. Ten reps each. 2 cycles. No rest.

1. Heels up

2. Toes up

3. Bosu

4. Balance Discs

5. Air Ex pads

6. Incline

7. Ball between knees

Next: Squat/Push Up Circuit 2. Eight different variations of a push up with a set of FULL squats in between. Ten reps each. 2 cycles. No rest.

1. Regular Push Ups

2. Wide Hand Placement

3. Fist Under Chest

4. Diamond

5. Cobra

6. Rotation

7. Clapping

8. Walk out

Next: 50  Squats then 50 “Prisoner” Squats.

Next: Squat Isometric Holds. We held a position for 1 minute just above rock bottom, quarter and parallel.

Next: Shoulder Burns. 20 Movements. 30 sec each movement. Max Reps. A couple of us used a little weight.

  1. Military Press
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Wrist curls down
  9. Wrist curls sideways
  10. External/Internal rotation
  11. Bent elbows front
  12. Bent elbows overhead
  13. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  14. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  15. Straight arm front palms down up and down
  16. Straight arm front palms up – up and down
  17. Push aways
  18. Shoulder “Ys”
  19. Shoulder “Ts”
  20. Clap overhead

Followed by 20 regular push ups then 20 “hopping” push ups.

Core Stuff:

1. Crunches 50 reps

2. Side Plank Hip Ups 15 reps each side

3. Leg Raises 50 reps

4. Legs Up Side Crunches 25 each side

5. Alternate Hand to Foot 25 each side

6. Knees to Elbow 25 reps

7. Reverse Crunch/Hip Ups 25 reps

8. Bent Knee 2 Hands to Heel 25 reps each side

9. Lemon Squeezers 25 reps

10. Seated Leg Raises 25 reps

And the video:


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