Even More Thigh, Butt, Posterior Chain

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, Glutes
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This is the workout for May 5, 2010.

Another day where the emphasis is on the posterior chain of muscles. Remember this is where you get an abundance of strength and power.

In everyday language today was another Thigh and Butt day!

I wanted to continue with this theme because I still had more exercises to do or try out. Some of the exercises are similar and of course some are different.

Music and T-Shirt: AC/DC.

Warm Up: Inchworms and Crab Walk, both for 25 yards. This crab walk is a bit different. You try to keep your hips up as parallel to the floor as possible. This really kicks in the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. And obviously makes the move tougher. Yeah it looks goofy but hey it works!  This is the first time we did it this way. It now goes on the list of exercises we’ll do again!

Next: Lots of Lunges with weights. Long Lunges with dumbbells and Short Lunges with dumbbells, both for 25 yards. This was capped off with Long Twisting Plate Lunges for 50 yards.

Next:Short Lunge Hops 3 sets of 5 on each leg. This can be a challenging exercise…especially after all the lunges that came before it. You simply get in a short lunge position and hop as quick as you can. You are not going for height.

Next: More stuff to burn the quads, hams and glutes!

  1. Short Lunges 50 reps each leg.
  2. Wide Squats with Gold Theraband 50 reps.
  3. Wide Prisoner Squats with Gold Theraband 50 reps.
  4. Feet Together Squats 50 reps.

Next: Thigh, Butt and Posterior Chain Circuit. 6 exercises. All done for 30 seconds and Max reps for 3 cycles.

  1. Hip (Butt) Extension on table. You may call this a “rear leg raise”. Or heck you could call if Fred if you want to!
  2. Hip (Butt) Extension on ball.
  3. Bridge Hold.
  4. Dumbbell Bridge Reachbacks.
  5. Hip (Butt) Extension standing.
  6. Stool walks or stool scoots. Looks like nothing…burns like fire!

Core Stuff: Used the bands a lot here to get a little more hip exercise at the same time as the core. Adds a whole other dynamic.

  1. Table with Band for one minute.
  2. 3 legged Table with Band for 30 seconds on each side.
  3. 3 legged Table with leg high for 30 seconds on each side.
  4. Up the middle crunches with band 50 reps.
  5. Leg Raises with band 50 reps.
  6. Flying Squirrel with band 30 seconds.
  7. Superman with band 30 seconds.

And the video:


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