Workout from 5/24/2010.

Yes this was a Devastating Conditioning Workout.

If we thought we were in good shape (and we do) this brought us to a new level of “‘What the heck are we doing?”

This was a crazy conditioning killer… and we will do this again.

Weird I know but if it is tough we’ll repeat it eventually.

We don’t look for easy.

Anyone can be mediocre. Anyone.

We don’t want to be just anyone.

Music by: Audioslave. T-shirt: Kneel Before Zod.

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes. Like I said before…Yes they do look goofy. You probably wouldn’t do this at Globo Gym. But it burns/pumps the muscle like crazy!

Spiderman crawls for 50 yards. Great for core, upper body strength and hip mobility. Check out the video so you have it correct and do it at your next workout!

Next: The meat of today’s workout are the Sled Suicide Drills. We’ve never done these before. The new experience was inspired by Coach Joe Hashey at Synergy-Athletics! There were a few choice words for Joe during the workout!

The girls pushed 50 pounds and the guys pushed 70 pounds.

At our place you push the weighted sled for about 8 yards and back to start.

Immediately you push again for 16 yards and back. Then finally 25 yards down and back.

**Then you have an option of rolling off the sled either to the left or the right because you won’t want to stand up for awhile.**

We did this little gem of an exercise 3 times. Killed the quads! Lungs were fried as well!

Next: How is this for a recipe? Take some quads that are perfectly pummeled and add some fire to them. How? 100 bodyweight squats. That’s how!

And how bout just a little more burn? After the squats we held a parallel squat position for a minute.

Core/Abs: At this point no one really wanted to stand or walk around. So how about 100 crunches followed by 100 leg raises?

And the Devastating Video:

  1. Joe Hasheyh says:

    Haha, great work!


  2. Bill Jones says:

    Thanks for stopping by Joe!


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