Workout from 5/26/2010.

We are always looking to do something new…as long as it is intense. Like I said before…we do not do easy.

Time is valuable…Easy is a waste of time. And we don’t like wasting time.

Music by The Offspring. T-shirt: Some random clean guitar t-shirt.

Warm Up: Core/Ab stuff. Why not? Gotta get the blood flowing. Still a little stiff from the Sled Suicides we did a couple of days ago. But not too bad. We all figured our quads would be toast for days but it didn’t happen.

We experienced some “soreness” but on a JONESERCISE scale maybe a 2 out of 10 instead of the usual 9/10 experience. Guess we are in better shape than we thought.

Medicine Balls:

Sit up, tap ball to each side and back down, tapping the ball behind the head. 5 reps then pass the ball to the right. After going though all 8 balls in one direction we did the same to the other direction.

Then we did leg raises with the ball outstretched in our hands for 10 reps then passed the ball on.

Meat of the Workout: One DB Circuit Complex. This seems to be the week to be inspired by others. Monday was inspired by Joe Hashey’s blog post and then today by Zach Even- Esh.  Zach did a killer kettlebell workout. Since we don’t have many kettle bells I adopted some of what he presented to dumbbells.

  1. DB clean to shoulder and press 1×5 each side
  2. DB clean to shoulder and squat 1×5 each side
  3. DB clean to shoulder, squat and overhead press 1×5 each side
  4. DB clean to shoulder and lunge 1×5 each side
  5. DB overhead and lunge 1×5 each side
  6. DB overhead squat 1×5 each side
  7. DB goblet squat 1×10
  8. Walk with DB overhead 25 yards each side
  9. Walk with DB at chest 25 yards each side
  10. Walk with DB at side 25 yards each side
  11. DB goblet curls 1×10-15
  12. DB towel curls 1×10-15

Heck of a way to incorporate the whole body.

And as a finisher: Furniture slide suicides. Not as hard as the Sled Suicides but harder than your regular running suicides.

The video:

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