Workout for 5/29/2010.

After beating up our bodies with the previous One Arm Dumbbell Complex we decided to do pretty much an all body weight workout emphasizing the thighs, glutes, posterior chain.

Just because we didn’t use weights don’t think this workout was a walk in the park!

Since you don’t need any fancy equipment you can do this at home!

Try it or at least of it and let us know how it goes for you.

You won’t be sorry but you will be sore!

Music: Rob Zombie. T-shirt: Rob Zombie. He’s looking at you!

Warm Up:

  1. Long Lunges 50 Yards
  2. Table Walk 25 Yards
  3. High Rising Kick 25 Yards

Next: Pistols and Single Knee to Floor Squats. Just check out the video on this one. It calls for strength and balance. One of these days they might just get easy.

Next: Chair Squats with one leg. 50 reps. This will fire up the quads and glutes. There also is a balance component with this exercise as well.

Next: Jump Up Jump Out drill for 50 yards. Simple exercise. Jump up as high as you can then jump forward as far as you can go. Hits the thighs and cardio too!

Follow that up with Jump Up, Jump Out, Sprawl, Push Up and Repeat for 50 yards. We used medicine ball for this one. They add another strength/stability component but not totally necessary. So no excuse not to try these!

Next: More stuff to beat up the lower body!

  1. Long Lunges 50 Reps
  2. Squats 50 Reps
  3. Prisoner Squats 50 Reps
  4. Feet Together Squats 50 Reps
  5. Bottoms Up Squats 50 Reps
  6. Glute Hams 2 x 5

Core Stuff:

  1. Crunches 50
  2. Alt Foot To Hand 25 Each Side
  3. Leg Raises 50
  4. Alt Foot To Hand 40 Each Side
  5. Reverse Crunches 50
  6. Alt Foot To Hand 50 Each Side

And on to the video!


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