This is our workout from 6/2/2010. Want to know our recipe for Southern Fried Triceps?

This excellent conditioning workout left the body burned.  And the triceps were truly FRIED!

All you have to do to get your Southern Fried Triceps is to follow this simple workout.

Simple yes…but sweat you will!

Music by: DragonForce. T-shirt by: B.Merrell’s, specifically a “World Beer Tour” t-shirt. Always earned, never bought.

Warm Up: Well we just jumped right into the training.

First: Medicine Ball Drills. We had 8 balls 6 – 12 pounders. The movement is like a basketball chest pass upward right and left followed by a jump and slamming the ball as hard as you can into the ground. 3 slams = 1 rep. You had to do all the balls. We did 2 cycles. The only rest was on the way to the next ball.

Second: Sideways Hopping Plyo Push Ups…for 50 yards. Yep *50* yards. Just the beginning of the triceps torture…along with everything else.

Third: Forward Hopping Plyo Push Ups for 25 yards followed by Backward Hopping Plyo Push Ups for 15 yards. Some people would have called it quits here…not us.

Fourth: Floor Push Up onto Medicine Ball Push up. 9 balls. 2 cycles.

Fifth: Push Up variations: Plank to Push Up for 10 reps. Wide legs/Wide hands: 3 x 10. We were going to do only one set and do some other different push up variations but not everyone was nailing this. So we did more!  Finally we crossed our hands under our chest for another 10 reps.

Sixth: Walking Barbell Curls. Heck gotta give the triceps a break!! Here you take a barbell. Perform 5 reps, walk laterally carrying the weight and perform another 2 sets of 5 at measured intervals. This covered 25 yards of walking. We did 2 cycles.

Seventh: Walking Overhead Press. Just like the walking curls. Again we did 2 cycles.

Eighth: We topped off the workout with some medicine ball core stuffola! We used 9 balls from 6-12 pounds.

  1. Laying on back, feet in the air, ball to each foot 10 times and pass ball to the right.
  2. Seated, legs raises, ball to each foot 5 times on each side and pass ball to the right.
  3. Seated, bend knees/foot to ball 5 times on each side and pass the ball to the right.

Great workout. And the video:

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