This is the workout for 6/5/2010. Music by: Journey.

Still sore from the last dynamic workout. I was so sore I didn’t even want to pick up a weight. So I thought I’d shake things up a bit on a Saturday morning with another all body weight conditioning workout.

The theme of the day was the number “100”. Little did I know that a simple number…like 100…would keep me thinking about this workout hours later!

Essentially we did 100 reps on 10 different exercises. Simple math tells you that equal 1000 reps.

Well we jumped that up a bit to 14oo reps. You see some of the exercises were split left and right. This was much harder than I expected.

I wonder if anyone out there is ready to step up and try this workout!

The exercises included:

  1. Leg Raises 100 reps.
  2. Crunches 100 reps.
  3. Squats 100 reps.
  4. Push-ups 100 reps.
  5. Long Lunges 100 reps on each leg.
  6. Prisoner Squats with Knee to Elbow 100 reps on each side.
  7. Alternate Foot to Hand 100 reps on each side.
  8. Short Lunges 100 reps on each leg.
  9. Lemon Squeezers 100 reps.
  10. Seated Leg Raises 100 reps.

This truly was one of the hardest all body weight workouts we’ve ever done. I wonder how we’ll top this one…but I know we will!

And the video:

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