This is the workout for 6/9/2010. Music by: Union Underground, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed.

Monday’s workout could have crippled some people. I mean it was tough and we were coming off a devastating workout from Saturday. Heck Monday didn’t even work the soreness out!

So today in our quest to condition our bodies we have the Great Weight Plate Conditioning Workout. We did something similar in the past but with only 12 exercises in the circuit.

Here is the way the morning went:

Warm Up…if you want to call it that…Toe Hops for 2 Minutes.

Next: Today’s circuit had 20 exercises. We did 2 cycles, 16 reps and 10 reps.

  1. Squats hugging a plate
  2. Overhead Presses
  3. Good Mornings with Plate
  4. Plate Overhead Squats
  5. Front Raises
  6. Curls
  7. Front Pushes
  8. Plate Overhead Body Twists
  9. Around The Head Halos
  10. Floor To Ceiling Twist
  11. Windshield Wipers
  12. Laying Triceps Extensions
  13. Plate Bench Press Elbows to floor
  14. Plate overhead seated leg raises
  15. Plate side to side legs up
  16. Plate stiff legged deadlifts
  17. Pull through with plate
  18. Plate Lunge
  19. Overhead Side bend
  20. Circle the plate with hand

Next: Burpees 4 sets 25 reps. Why? Why not?

Core: There is a lot of core work in the plate circuit!

Check out the video!

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