This is the workout for 6/14/2010.

We’re pretty much recovered from the past few workouts by virtue of the fact that no one was really talking about soreness, not being able to get off the toilet or go upstairs.

So why not bombard the body with some stuff we haven’t done before?

You can see in the picture the long line of dumbbells. We call this a “ladder”. We’ll be going “up and down” the ladder with 4 different exercises. We’ve done this with 2 exercises before but not 4…maybe next time we’ll do 6!

Music by: Manowar. T-shirt: MMA Elite.

“Warm Up”: Not much of one. Just 2 minutes of toe hops.

Next: Push Press Dumbbell Ladder. 13 sets of 5 reps each for 2 cycles.

This is tough.  Everyone starts with the 5 pound DB and works up. So a warm up is built right in.

A couple of us went from 5 all the way to 65. Some had to stop sooner but everyone got in 13 sets.

A couple of girls started doing some “odd object” lifts by picking up a heavy DB by the bells. It takes more strength and energy to do it that way…course that means we’ll be doing it that way soon!!

Next: Squat Dumbbell Ladder. 13 sets of 5 reps each for 2 cycles.

Everyone starts with 5 pounds in each hand. Yeah not much but you go through all 13 sets without much rest and then you repeat it going from heavy to light.

Next: Dumbbell Curls Ladder. 13 sets of 5 reps each for 1 cycle. You guessed it. Everyone starts with 5 pound DBs and go up every 5 reps. A couple of us made it to the 65s but everyone completed an intense 13 sets.

Next: Dumbbell Triceps Extension Ladder. Some folks call this exercise a DB French Curl. Doesn’t really matter what it is called. We knocked out 13 sets of 5 reps for 1 cycle.

Core/Abs: Since we had a little more time we through in some abs work. Crunch/leg raise supersets. 50 for the first set and 75 each for the second set.

Finisher: Knocked out an easy 25 burpees. Why? Well…just because!


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