The workout for 6/16/2010.

Decided to do another all body weight workout. We did a body blast a few weeks ago and today is number 2!

If you want to see a workout that will attack you entire body this is the one.

Tons of push ups…but not just the ordinary ones. Plenty of variety. No boredom around here!

The legs get blasted as well. Jump in and try it out! By the way there are some jumps involved as well.

Music by: Seether. Tshirt: Marvel Comics The Flash.

Core Stuff: Decided to start with the core. No reason just changing things around. No workout is the same.

  1. Crunches 50
  2. Leg Raises 50
  3. Bridge Reach Backs 15 on each side
  4. Alternate foot to hand 25 on each side
  5. Side crunches 25 on each side

Next: Some Jumping. Bulgarian split jumps 3 x 10 followed by Squat Jumps 3 x 10

Next: Continued to hit the legs with One Leg Squats 50 on each side.

Next: 4 Different types of Push ups at 10 reps each followed by 100 squats

  1. Regular
  2. Elbows wide with fingers in
  3. Hands by hips
  4. Knee to Elbow push-ups

Next: 5 Different Plyo Push ups at 10 reps each followed by Lunge isometric holds at 30 seconds each leg and Squat holds at 1 minute.

  1. Jumping Airplane
  2. Jumping Clap
  3. Jumping wide
  4. Jumping regular
  5. Jumping feet and hands

Next: 5 more different types of push ups at 10 reps each.

  1. Fists under chest
  2. Cobra
  3. Rotate to ceiling
  4. Push up then hand to opposite foot
  5. Walkout pushups

Finisher: Furniture Slide Suicide. Just check out the video!

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