That’s what she said!

This is the workout from 6/21/2010. Music: Theory of a Deadman and The Darkness. T shirt: Xtreme Couture.

Everyone that did our “You Can’t Do This Workout” workout were still a bit tapped from it. Today would have been a good day to continue the recovery.

But no. We would continue to raise the bar.

Warm Up: Get Up Sit Ups. 3 x 10. You roll backwards and then roll forwards coming all the way up to your feet. Try to do it in one motion and without using your hands. Oh yeah…try not to fall down!

Next: Medicine Ball Slams. You may have seen little kids having such a blast simply bouncing a ball. We took that to an extreme. How about slamming 11 medicine balls of various weights as hard as you can. Then do that for 5 reps on all 11 balls…6 cycles. Great stress relief and guaranteed to break a sweat!

Next: Jumping Medicine Ball Slams. So how do we increase the intensity? How about jumping with the ball and slamming it! And we’ll do all 11 balls again for 5 reps each. And of course 6 more cycles.

Core: The 11 balls are out…might as well leave them out!

Situp and side to side 5 reps pass the ball to the right and continue until you get your ball back.

Leg Raises with the arms extended and ball in hand. 10 reps each ball.


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