This is the workout for 7/12/2010.

We twisted this workout all over the place. Always looking for ways to make the workouts different, intense, sweat breaking maybe even fun…a whole different kind of fun!

You’ll definitely get drenched with this one. Your core/abs will burn as well as your thighs. Try it…or at least part of it. You won’t be sorry…actually you might!

Music: Grand Funk Railroad (“Black” Live Album)…came out way back in 1970. T-Shirt: Grand Funk Railroad.

First: Core/Ab stuff with some medicine balls. You do a sit up, tap ball to each side and back down, tapping the ball behind the head. The 3 taps equal 1 rep.  We do 5 reps then pass the ball to the right. After going though all 8 balls in one direction we did the same to the other direction.

Second: Exercise Circuit. 8 exercises, 30 seconds at each station for maximum reps. 2 cycles and no rest.

  1. DB Incline Press
  2. Front Plate Raises
  3. Vertimax Side Laterals
  4. Tband Triceps Extension
  5. BB Curls
  6. Side Hip Ups On Riser
  7. Bar: Hand Over Hand
  8. Rack: Hand Over Hand

Third: 100 Squats

Fourth: More Core/Abs with the balls. Lie on your back with your arms outstretched and a ball in your hands. You hold that ball just a few inches off the ground as you perform 10 leg raises. Once you finish 10 leg raises you pass the ball to the right and repeat. 8 balls varying in weight from 4 to 12 pounds.

Fifth: 100 Squats

Sixth: How about even more Core/Ab stuff with the balls? Seated Leg Raises holding the ball over the head. 10 reps then pass the ball to the right and repeat the process with all 8 balls. We followed that up with Lemon Squeezers while holding the ball over head.

Seventh: How about 100 more squats? Not fun by this time but effective!

Eighth: And how about finishing the day off with more Core/Ab stuff…still with the balls. Laying on your back you take your legs/feet to the ceiling. Then you tap a ball to each foot. 10 reps and pass it on…8 ball on this one. Finally ball crunches with the same 8 balls at 10 reps per ball.

The video:

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    Thanks! Stop in anytime!

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