The Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex (and more…of course)

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity, hitt, lose fat
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This is the workout for 7/19/2010.

Like all the workouts this was a tough one. Like all the workouts there was plenty of variety. Like all the workouts there was plenty of sweat.

This was one of those that you kept being reminded of hours later. Not a complaint. No not at all.

These are the workouts you like to repeat…just not right away!

Music by: Deep Purple. T-Shirt: LandShark.

First: The Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex. We’ve done similar things in the past. The first time we did a dumbbell complex we called it an “Ultimate”. It was just killer. We upped it by adding a few more movements and called the dumbbell complex a “Death Drill”. Today we added more movements…hence the new title.

There are 18 movements. The 18 movements equals 1 “rep”. We did a set of “10 reps”.  The movements are:

  1. Controlled Squat
  2. Sprawl
  3. Push up
  4. Push up position DB Row
  5. Push up position DB Row reach across belly
  6. Floor press
  7. Triceps ext
  8. DB Sit Up to Squat position
  9. Jump
  10. Curl
  11. Upright Row
  12. Side Lateral
  13. Front Lateral
  14. Overhead Press
  15. Long Lunge
  16. Short Lunge
  17. Standing DB Row
  18. Stiff legged Deadlift

Second: Circuit Training…2 cycles: 8 exercises, 30 seconds each, max reps. Just to make it interesting…5 Burpees after each station! The only rest is on the way to the next station.

  1. Inverted Rows with feet on a chair
  2. DB Incline Press
  3. Vertimax Side Laterals
  4. Tband Pushdowns
  5. Supine Foot to Opposite Hand
  6. Jump Rope
  7. Ab pullins on slide board
  8. BB Curls

Core/ABs: Simple this time.

  1. Crunches/Leg Raises 100 each
  2. Crunches/Leg Raises 75 each
  3. Crunches/Leg Raises 50 each


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