This is the workout for 7/24/2010.

Apparently 11 of us had to get a workout in on this hot Saturday morning. Even Keiven (jumping rope) showed up on his birthday. Dedication that’s what that is. Dedication to maintaining or increasing a certain level of fitness!

Turns out we had a very good workout…as always!

Music by Ozzy. Ozzy has a new CD out called “Scream“. Not too bad. T-Shirt: JONESERCISE!

First: We launched right into a major exercise circuit. 11 Exercises, 30 seconds, Max reps, 3 Cycles.

  1. Inverted Row with feet on a chair
  2. DB Curls
  3. DB Triceps Extensions
  4. Tband Triceps Pushdowns
  5. Weighted Jump Rope
  6. Ab Pullins on Slideboard
  7. Vertimax Side Laterals
  8. Squat to Ball
  9. Upright Rows
  10. Squats with medicine ball overhead
  11. Parallete Push Ups

Second: The Birthday BodyWeight Circuit. The magic number is “34”…

  1. Squats 34
  2. Push Ups 34
  3. Long Lunge 34 on each leg
  4. Short Lunge 34 on each leg
  5. Burpees 34

Third: Time for Core/Abs. “34” remains the magic number!

  1. Crunches 34 reps
  2. Leg Raises 34 reps
  3. Knees to Elbows 34 reps
  4. Knee to Opposite Elbow 34 reps on each side
  5. Alternate foot to hand 34 reps on each side



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