Really! That’s what she said.

Birthday Balls for Pam, 7/26/2010.

It seems that she really loved one of the previous medicine ball only workouts. Got to relieve a lot of stress slamming the balls into the floor. As well as get in a great workout.

The difference between that workout and this one? Well…this one was harder!

Music: Reel Big Fish. T-Shirt: Life is Good.

Nine people showed up for this ball busting workout. And it started in a kneeling position.

First: Kneeling Ball Slams. Ouch! You could say this was just a warm up for things to come. 9 balls ranging in weights of 4 – 12 pounds. Doesn’t seem like much on paper but the intensity slowly builds.

While on the knees you slam the ball on the floor as fast and as hard as you can. After 3 ball slams you move to the next ball. We did 2 cycles. No rest. Matter of fact the only rest during this workout was while changing to the next routine.

Second: Standing Ball Slams. You swing the ball up over your head then slam the ball into the floor. Hard and fast (that’s what she said). Same 9 balls. 3 slams then move to the next ball. 2 cycles.

Third: Jumping Ball Slams. Easy to figure out. Same thing as above but you jump up with the ball overhead and then crush the floor.

Fourth: Ball Slams with a Twist and Jump.

The movement is like a basketball chest pass to the right and left followed by a jump and slamming the ball as hard as you can into the ground. 3 slams = 1 rep.

You have to do all 9 balls. We did 2 cycles. The only rest was on the way to the next ball.

Fifth: Ball Slams with a Twist, Sprawl, Push Up with your hands on the ball and Jump…then of course you slam the ball as hard as you can! 2 more cycles of 3 slams for each ball.

Sixth: Ball Slams with Squats. You hold the ball overhead. You do 5 squats then jump and slam the ball to the floor. Repeat this 2 more times and you have one “rep”. Repeat the process for all 9 balls, 2 cycles.

Seventh: Medicine Ball Core/Abs: Yep an all medicine ball core/ab workout to follow the all medicine ball workout. All 9 balls are used so everyone gets a piece of the heavy and light. When a lighter ball comes by we try to move quicker.

  1. Side crunches with the ball 5 rep to each side then passing the ball to the right.
  2. Up The Middle Crunch
  3. Sit Up With Twist
  4. Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead
  5. Leg Raises Ball in Outstretched Arms
  6. Ball To Each Foot
  7. Seated Rotations Feet Up
  8. Lemon Squeezer Ball Overhead
  9. Seated Flutter Kicks Ball Overhead



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