JONESERCISE workout for 7 28 2010!

Tough workout. Is that anything new?

Tabata…no not a new Tequila. Actually the name of a researcher in Japan.

And when I say we are doing “Tabatas” I am essentially extrapolating from the research of Mr. Tabata. That simply being taking an exercise and busting your rear for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. The process is repeated 8 times. A less than 4 minute process…that will leave your muscle screaming and your heart pounding!

Music: Bowling For Soup. T-Shirt: Just some random MMA shirt from MMA Elite.

First: Before we jump into the Tabata style work we started with sleds. We pushed a weighted sled for 50 yards. We did that 4 times. We added weight each time. We are nuts!

Second: Tabata style push ups. 20 seconds on 10 off.

Do the reps as fast as you can!

No one can complete this doing “regular” push ups.

We all eventually were taken to our knees. But we kept on going!

Third: Tabata style Squats. 20 seconds on 10 off. Again do the reps as fast as you can! This is a bit easier than the push ups but you’ll still feel the fire in the thighs.

Fourth: Monster Walks.

Essentially hip abduction while walking. Standing straight 2 x 25 yards with gold theraband. Standing with a slight squat and shuffling quickly for another 2 x 25 yards.

Fifth: Core and Ab time. We kept the gold theraband around the ankles just for a little more “core pleasure”.

  1. Side Crunch 10 on each side.
  2. Up the middle crunch 10.
  3. Side Crunch 20 on each side.
  4. Up the middle crunch 20.
  5. Side Crunch 50 on each side.
  6. Up the middle crunch 50.
  7. Leg Raises Top to Middle 25.
  8. Leg Raises Bottom to Middle 25.
  9. Leg Raises Middle Portion 25.
  10. Leg Raises Top to Bottom 25.

The Video:

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