The workout from 8/7/2010.

OK…another lame title for a post. There was some thought into this one. Part of the workout was similar to the last one. Sooooo…I thought I wouldn’t change the title so much. There you have it.

Another small group…not bad. Whether the group is large or small the intensity remains the same: HIGH.

Music: Creed. Thought since some of the workout was the same I’d play the same music. Well that and I forgot to bring in another CD. T-shirt: Marvels’ Spiderman.

I was thinking I could pass this off as and Anderson Silva shirt. Silva is the UFC middleweight champion. Silva got lucky Saturday night. He was getting his ass handed to him by Chael Sonnen and was able to pull off a submission. Great sportsmanship at the end of the fight…something you rarely see nowadays except for Mixed Martial Arts.

By the way the type of training we do would help anyone get into condition including mixed martial artists.

Warm Up: Some core stuff to workout the Saturday morning stiffness.

First one, you do a sit up, tap ball to each side and back down, tapping the ball behind the head. The 3 taps equal 1 rep.  We do 5 reps then pass the ball to the right. We had 7 balls from 4 to 12 pounds.

The next movement you hold a ball over your head in one hand and do a crunch.

5 reps on each side then pass the ball to the right.

Next: Exercise Circuit. 6 exercises at maximum reps.2 cycles. The cycles were set by the amount of time it took the person on the Shuttle MVP to finish just like the last workout.

The shuttle uses bands for resistance. The resistance is supposed to be from 12 pounds to 500 pounds. We started with 3 bands. We made 5 jumps then added a band each time working up to 8 (250 pounds). Then did the same descending, 5 reps every time. The person coming off the shuttle got to rest while changing bands for the next person.

  1. Shuttle.
  2. Push Ups.
  3. Crunches.
  4. Hamstrings on Stools. Sit on a stool and scoot across the room. Trust me…looks goofy but you’ll feel it.
  5. Rear Leg Raises. Hits the lower back, glutes and hamstrings.
  6. One Leg Squats.

Next: Bunch of Triceps Dips. I happened to see a video from My Trainer Bob on You Tube about doing 100 Triceps Dips. Bob is one of the trainers for the TV show “The Biggest Loser”.  The challenge really didn’t look that hard…well for us anyway. But hey he did have something going on here that I didn’t think about. So I ramped up the reps a bit…to 235 reps.

  1. 50 Reps Bent Knees
  2. 50 Reps with one leg straight and off the floor
  3. 50 Reps with legs crossed
  4. 25 Reps with both legs straight, heel on the floor
  5. 50 Reps with One leg straight on the floor
  6. 10 Reps starting with butt on the floor and pushing up

More Core/Ab stuff:

Crunches with ball over the head. 10 reps and pass the ball to the right. 7 balls, 4 to 12 pounds. Actually we had 2 – 12 pounders and 2 – 10 pounders and then the rest.

The next movement we did earlier as well. You hold a ball over your head in one hand and do a crunch. 5 reps on each side then pass the ball to the right.

Leg Raises with the ball in outstretched arms, 10 reps each ball and passing to the right.

And the Video:

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