This is the workout for 8/9/2010.

This is a tough workout. One reason is that we did the drills without someone telling us we had to. We had a choice. We chose to work hard.

Not a lot of variety but very taxing to the body! A lot of heavy breathing with this workout.

I wasn’t sure how to title this post. Since we were listening to Iron Maiden (and I was wearing an Iron Maiden tshirt) Randy said this was the Iron Maiden Workout. And I guess it could have been…especially since we were wiped out during and after the workout. We survived it better than if we were really in an Iron Maiden torture device!

But since “suicides” have been a traditional drill in athletics that’s what the workout will be called.

Not politically correct I guess…but I really never have been.

First: Sled Suicides: Take a sled.

Add a 45 or 25 pound plate. Then push it. Push it as quick as you can.

Our track is about 25 yards long so we would be dividing that up x 3. The sled suicides are the hardest so we did them first.

Second: Furniture slide suicides.

You go to Lowe’s and pick up some furniture slides. I got 4 for about 10 bucks.

I also bought some cheaper ones at Big Lots but they aren’t as good for adults. They work well for kids.

You then bend over put your hands on the slides and take off!

The furniture slide suicides are easier than the weighted sled suicides. You can’t help but move quicker but you have to be careful because sometimes your hands will slide to quick and you’ll end up on your knees.

Third: Traditional Running suicides.

We did 2 variations: running straight ahead and a back pedal/forward run combo.

The running suicides are a piece of cake compared to the sleds or the furniture slides.

Core/Abs: Not a lot of variety here but more of a cool down. At least a cool down for us.

  1. Crunches 100
  2. Leg Raises 100
  3. Side Crunches 50 Each Side


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