Conditioning and a Posterior Chain Emphasis Circuit

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity, lose fat, Push ups
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This is the workout for 8/30/2010.

In general, another major conditioning workout. The exercise circuit this time emphasized the posterior chain…so the hamstrings, glutes and low back were hit hard.

Of course the exercise/sprint combos weren’t easy at all. Nor were the exercise/suicide combos.

Yep we achieved another hard workout. One work repeating in the future!

Music: Jackyl. T-shirt: Green Eggs and Ham. My favorite Dr Suess book.

Warm Up: Sleds. Yeah they can be hard. They certainly were when we first started doing them…even with only one plate.  Now a one plate (45 or 25 pounds) sled is just a warm up. So we did 3 x 25 yards.

Next: Posterior Chain Emphasis Exercise Circuit. 8 stations, 30 seconds each station for max reps. 3 cycles today.

  1. DB Curls
  2. DB Triceps Extension
  3. Plate Good Mornings
  4. Plate Pull Throughs
  5. Weighted Bridging
  6. Squats with Toes Up
  7. Hip Ups on Bench
  8. Ab Pullins on slide board

Next: Triceps Dips Circuit. 3 sets of each 15, 12, 10

  1. ¼ at the top
  2. ¼ at the bottom
  3. Full Dips

Next: Incline Push Up Circuit. 3 sets of each 15, 12, 10

  1. ¼ at the top
  2. ¼ at the bottom
  3. Full Push Up

Next: Exercise/Sprint Combo

  1. 10 Sit ups – 50 Yard Sprint
  2. 10 Push ups – 50 Yard Sprint
  3. 10 Mountain Climbers – 50 Yard Sprint

Next: Exercise/Suicide Combo

  1. 10 Elbows to Knees/Suicide
  2. 10 Ground Up Push Ups/Suicide
  3. 10 Squat Jumps/Back Pedal Suicide

Next: Core/Abs

  1. Plank 1 minute
  2. One Leg Plank 30 seconds each side
  3. Flying Squirrel 30 seconds
  4. Superman 30 seconds



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